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Smoothing Serum a natural sunscreen for the hair

felicia howe

Among a number of plant based powerhouse ingredients in the Smoothing Serum I want to talk about organic virgin coconut oil, createing a perfect blend we can still reap all the benefits without weighing the hair down and feeling greasy. The Smoothing Serum is excellent for all hair types! and is a wonderful leave in conditioner for any kind of blow-dry styling.

Organic virgin coconut oil has an SPF around a 7 which block out about 75% off UV radiation. This is great news especially if you color your hair this added sun protection in the Smoothing Serum can really help slow down oxidation your color fading. Its a little dose of sunscreen for your hair! the smoothing Serum is really easy to use. It can be applied on damp hair and blow-dry  as you would. For extra sun protection you can apply on dry hair and get a nice smoothing effect for flyaways.

 Organic virgin coconut oil is unrefined this means its  packed with essential fatty acids and helps nourish your scalp and hair, this gives your hair added protection when heat styling to avoid potential breakage. We all love how oils can condition and give your hair a lot of shine. The smoothing serum can be a excellent daily treatment without the heavy feeling from just using coconut oil.