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Rosemary Styling Gel

felicia howe

Rosemary Styling Gel for soft volume and smooth shine

this aromatherapy styling gel is so versatile, lightweight and never flaky! excellent for blow-dry styling and to top off adding curls. This gives your blowout smooth volume and helps tame the flyaways. 1 shampoo, condition and then towel dry. 2  Add about a quarter size or less? work in root to end, then blow-dry as desired.  3 adding curls for a special occasion. The Rosemary styling gel gives you heat perfection and helps strengthen your hair.

Rosemary benefit your hair, body and mind in so many ways. Rosemary essential oils promote hair growth, gives clarity and focus. helps prevent gray sometimes reversing. excellent for blood circulation and immune boosting.


For heat styling..soft curls that hold 

Scrunch and go!


For air dry and defused curls

Rosemary styling Gel is a perfect addition to Beachwaves texture spray 

The perfect duo! so easy just use a quarter size of rosemary Gel work it root to ends on damp hair then scrunch and go. Leaves your curls soft and managed as it air dries with NO crunchiness.

For a little more volume and styled curls  1 shampoo, condition and towel dry. 2 add rosemary styling gel root to ends. 3 spay Beachwaves root to ends then defuse curls. This is such a wonderful combo for that extra boots of volume and defined curls.