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How to use Primrose products

Smoothing Serum lightweight leave in conditioner

felicia howe

The smoothing serum is the perfect solution for finer hair types. This light weight cream gives the hair smoothing and shine to your blow-dry as well as adding heat protection and color fading without weighing down the hair. Using quinoa proteins makes the smoothing serum gluten free! all ingredients are plant based vegan! 

How to use: Apply to damp hair preferably towel dried, put a quarter size or less into palm of hand, rub hands together and work in from ends to root. Style as desired. Excellent for smoothing when working with foam rollers. I like to take a pea size amount in my hands and run it from root to ends just for a little extra shine and smoothing from blow drying static. If heat styling isn't your jam, you can always just leave it in to air dry, gives the hair a nice softness without the heaviness like some leave in containers.

Aromatherapy: ylang ylang, lavender, lemon, mandarin, palmarosa, and rosewood stimulate the immune system, calms, heart opening and gives a feeling of love.