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The Shield: Healing Blend for Protection


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The Shield: Healing Blend for Protection


The Shield: Healing Blend for Protection


This protective oil bend includes grounding Arborvitae and energizing Tea Tree. Clove promotes self-sufficiency and integrity, while Frankincense shields the body from negative influences. Perfect for times of stress or big changes. Can be used on the bottom of the feet or inside of the wrist when needed.

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About the Protection Blend

”I roll this protection blend on the bottom of my feet every single day to help me feel less vulnerable to people’s energy and emotions. It works”

- Aimee Westscott, Los Angeles

“I have trusted Felicia as my hairstylist for years, but her evolution to HEALER is when she really stepped into her life’s purpose. Her organic oil blends have become essential in my daily life. From her soothing line for hair, to the special little rollerballs full of healthy intent - I believe! Felicia listens and is beyond supportive when she directs you to exactly what YOU need. Whether I'm looking for a confidence boost, or a calming anti-anxiety, these subtle, effective potions are perfection!”
-Suzie Vlcek,  Los Angeles