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Spring Clensing kit


Spring Clensing kit


As we head into the Lunar New Year and Imbolic fire celebrations this weekend it’s time for a little spring cleaning of our minds, body, and spirit.

Ritual kit includes- Lymphatic cleansing tea helps to release and move out emotional toxins that build up in our system.

Burdock Mars energy moves the blood healing chronic skin conditions and diuretic.

Nettles Sun, Fire and Mars is a healing tonic and decongestant.

Cleavers diuretic and helps support healing co-dependence.

Ginger Mars and fire stimulates circulation warming and invigorating the body.

Sea salt bath and room spray

Lemongrass - monoterpenols - Moon

Tea tree- Monoterpenols - Sun

Ylang Ylang - Esters- Venus

emotionally, physically and spiritually cleansing.

Soothing, loving and nurturing.

Immune stimulant, antibacterial and antifungal “boundaries”.


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