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Protection Blend for Empaths


Organic Haircare, natural haircare, chemical free, healthy, aromatherapy, Portland Oregon local celebrity stylist hairstylist

Protection Blend for Empaths


Protection Blend for Empaths


The Empath protection

Feel safe and secure in the body

For grounding and strength in your foundation, to witness others without taking on stress and anxiety calming and protecting our energy giving us confidence enforcing our own truth allowing toxic thoughts and energies to move through clearing our energy field giving us vitality and support.

Saint Johns wort flower essence- fathering protection strong boundarie

Yarrow - sensitivities and protecting your energy

White fur- braking family curses release toxic family patterns and emotions

Vetiver- grounding and supporting the body

Handmade coconut oil infusion with Saint Johns Wort herb
Use as you would a perfume oil as needed

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