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organic apothecary products for health and beauty 

About Primrose Apothecary custom blends


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About Primrose Apothecary custom blends


About Primrose Apothecary custom blends


Felicia has been customizing and formulating organic skin and hair care products for over 12 years. She has deepened her understanding of health and wellness by creating custom healing blends for people suffering from all kinds of imbalances. From sleep issues, arthritis, aches and pains to all kinds of skin issues she loves to create custom, handmade oil infusions and therapeutic essential oils to combat her client’s wellness needs

Custom Blends include...

Inhalers- perfect for traveling and on the go, for jet lag, headaches, stress, anxiety and meditation.

Topical Oil Blends (for skin and hair)- excellent as to be used on skin for aches and pains, dry skin, added to lotions for extra moisture. perfect to treat scalp conditions.

Salves- Nice for aches and pains, dry and chapped skin and lips, diaper rash, burned, tase as an astringent for cuts and scrapes. good for sunburned skin*

Medicinal Tea - for total heath and wellness.

Alchemy spiritual blends and aromatherapy

* beeswax is used in salves

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Extracted or distilled from plant life, these highly concentrated botanicals are potent healers and with the thoughtful blends in the Primrose Organics line, they can transform your body, mind and soul on a holistic level. Working with fair trade farmers, ALL of the Primrose Organics products are over 75% organic, responsibly harvested and never tested on animals.

 Mankind’s first medicine, we have been using these transformative oils for thousands of years. Nothing is more pure, natural and connected to our spiritual and physical being. Like a fine-tuning, the vibrations of these elements deliver balance and peace to our lives. When conditions change, oils adapt. Raising and lowering blood pressure as needed, stimulating or repressing enzyme activity, energizing or relaxing, intuitively… naturally.

Primrose Organics Oil Blends:

These therapeutic grade oils are sourced from fair-trade farms in Oregon and blended in small batches for optimal healing results. They are bottled in two ounce recyclable amber glass bottles and have a one-year shelf life. All blends are made at 4% strength.

 * Disclaimer

Results vary and are not 100% guaranteed. The blends are not intended to replace any professional medical or mental advice or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified health physician if you have any serious medical conditions. 


“I just wanted to let you know how much your oils have helped me. They give me a boost of confidence every time I wear them. The ‘Higher Self’ blend is my favorite right now. It's so important to me that I know a true apothecary has handled these medicinal blends. I am grateful for your good energy and the care and kindness you put into everything you do. I get compliments on the blends every time I wear them, not to mention that I feel they are actually working towards what they say they are for! Healing with smells. Thank you for offering high quality oils I can trust. Xoxo”

- Seana Carroll


“I LOVE" Primrose Organics essential oil blends. My long time favorite has been The Soothing Blend. I use it on my skin and scalp with fantastic results - it smells amazing as well. I also gave some to my father, who had psoriasis. His skin cleared up within a couple days of using this blend. It worked amazingly on him. I have tried many other oil blends always with great results. I keep them in my car and in my purse so they are always available.”

-Jamie Bechtold (Ford)


  • In January 2016, I developed an itchy rash that covered large patches of my hands and lower arms. Any spots I scratched, cracked and dried, and it was extremely uncomfortable. I tried everything to get rid of it: avoiding all soaps & lotions I was previously using, hydrocortisone cream, anti fungal creams & ointments. Nothing worked, and after a couple months it was driving me crazy. I mentioned it to Felicia one day while she was cutting my hair, and she asked if she could custom blend a cream for me to try. After a couple weeks using Felicia’s cream on the rash, I saw a marked improvement, and after a couple months, the rash was completely gone. I continued to use her cream every day and I’ve had no rash since. It’s been a godsend.

  • Since then, Felicia has blended a couple of herbal inhalers for me, to combat fatigue and jet lag after long flights; and I enjoy using some of her readymade products as well

  • Felicia is a talented herbalist who really cares about making a difference with her work. I definitely recommend trying her products or having her make a custom blend for you!

  • Xo Mary Jo Kaczka


  • I have trusted Felicia as my hairstylist for years, but her evolution to HEALER is when she really stepped into her life’s purpose. Her organic oil blends have become essential in my daily life. From her soothing line for hair, to the special little rollerballs full of healthy intent - I believe! Felicia listens and is beyond supportive when she directs you to exactly what YOU need. Whether I'm looking for a confidence boost, or a calming anti-anxiety, these subtle, effective potions are perfection!

  • Suzie Vlcek

  • I went to Felicia with migraines and insomnia. I didn't know that these two issues were a manifestation of deeper issues until I met Felicia. She helped me with her aromatherapy. She prepared these amazing oils that I used to help ease my headaches relax me and keep grounded. I found a huge relief after doing aromatherapy. I'm a big believer in essential oils and their effect on the body and mind.

  • Felicia has also helped me ease seasonal allergies.

  • Aromatherapy has helped me physically mentally and emotionally. I'm not taking sleeping pills or allergy medications anymore. I rely on aromatherapy. It's been an amazing discovery.

  • Faten


  • Felicia Howe Apothecary Custom Blends -

  • Felicia is amazing at what she does. I tell her some random complaint, whether it be a pain in my shoulder or my immune system over reacting, and on the spot she whips up an incredibly effective pain blend or a remarkable blend to make my inner child feel safe. She is highly trained and very intuitive.

  • Soothing Blend -

  • I use this blend both for frizz in my hair and for the occasional skin sensitivity. I have psoriasis and eczema and it really helps soothe my skin.

  • Beach Waves –

  • I use this lovely potion on my hairline and scalp to make my hair a little less oily in between washings. Special added bonus: I spray it all over myself when I feel overwhelmed by other people’s energy. As an empath, this is incredibly useful.

  • Protection Blend –

  • I roll this protection blend on the bottom of my feet every single day to help me feel less vulnerable to people’s energy and emotions. It works.

  • Rosemary Lavender Shampoo –

  • I can’t live without this shampoo. The consistency is a little unusual at first. You’re supposed to shake this natural product vigorously for it to rebound but I find its thin consistency to be genius. It sinks right down to my scalp and I don’t have to over work or scrub at my scalp and hair. I apply it in sections, let it sink in for a bit, and rinse. My hair is squeaky clean and I haven’t caused any damage or breakage in the process.

  • Cheers,

  • Aimee Westcott (AKA Aimee Boice)

  • Highland Park

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