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Skin Healing Tea Blend


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Skin Healing Tea Blend


Skin Healing Tea Blend


Skin Healing Tea Blend

Alchemy tea blend for skin health rich in vitamins and minerals, immune support, blood, and liver strengthening. 

Red clover Blossom - Masculine, Mercury, and Air. Love, purification, and healthy boundaries. Liver support for chronic skin conditions.

Yellow Dock- Feminine, Jupiter, and Earth. Enhancing the body's ability to heal itself.

Liver support for chronic skin conditions.

Nettle - Masculine, Mars, and Fire. Healing, protective, and overcoming difficulties. Supportive to the whole body.

Peppermint - Masculine, Mercury, and Fire. Helps the body communicate healing between the subconscious and conscious mind. Peppermint gives purification and love. Anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, soothing and antioxidant. 

Lemon Balm- Feminine, Moon, and Water. Love, prosperity, and healing the mind from old habits. Liver support and antioxidants.

Alfalfa -Feminine, Venus, and Earth. Abundance, rich in nutrition, nourishing and supportive. Full of vitamins and minerals. Nurturing and supporting.

Stevia for sweetness. 

The skin healing tea blend is an excellent source of vitamins and nutrition, these known herbs are wonderful skin healers. This tea blend is meant for ritual as a part of a health plan for wellness it is not intended to replace medical advice and care.

As Above So Below 🧚‍♀️

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