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A little bit of Yellow Dock Alchemy

felicia howe



Fall is the time to harvest Yellow Dock Roots….

Yellow Dock is bitter, astringent, diuretic, mild laxative and alternative. Not just a pesky weed but a wonderful herbal addition to skin healing tea remedies. 

In ancient Greek medicine, the Earth element was described as cold and dry. Yellow Dock being bitter holds the energetics as cold and dry. Medieval medicine included the season of fall as a quality of a person's state due to the coldness;

The astrology of Yellow Dock is ruled by Jupiter 

Medicinal Jupiter plants affect our liver, blood and circulatory system. Jupiter enhances our bodies ability to heal its self. Yellow Dock being an Alteritive “ blood building” supports our Liver and aids in the healing of chronic skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema.  

 This  is a lovely little insight to how plants and their energies co create with nature influencing our bodies with their magic for total health and wellness. 

yellow Dock spotted on my morning hike outside of Portland Oregon 

yellow Dock spotted on my morning hike outside of Portland Oregon