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Custom blending testimonials....

felicia howe

In January 2016, I developed an itchy rash that covered large patches of my hands and lower arms. Any spots I scratched, cracked and dried, and it was extremely uncomfortable. I tried everything to get rid of it: avoiding all soaps & lotions I was previously using, hydrocortisone cream, anti fungal creams & ointments. Nothing worked, and after a couple months it was driving me crazy. I mentioned it to Felicia one day while she was cutting my hair, and she asked if she could custom blend a cream for me to try. After a couple weeks using Felicia’s cream on the rash, I saw a marked improvement, and after a couple months, the rash was completely gone. I continued to use her cream every day and I’ve had no rash since. It’s been a godsend.        
Since then, Felicia has blended a couple of herbal inhalers for me, to combat fatigue and jet lag after long flights; and I enjoy using some of her readymade products as well.

Felicia is a talented herbalist who really cares about making a difference with her work.  I definitely recommend trying her products or having her make a custom blend for you!

> Xo Mary Jo Kaczka Denver Colorado

I went to Felicia with migraines and insomnia. I didn't know  that these two issues were a manifestation of deeper issues until I met Felicia. She helped me with her aromatherapy. She prepared these amazing oils that I used to help ease my headaches relax me and keep grounded. I found a huge relief after doing aromatherapy. I'm a big believer in essential oils and their effect on the body and mind.
Felicia has also helped me ease seasonal allergies.
Aromatherapy has helped me physically mentally and emotionally. I'm not taking sleeping pills or allergy medications anymore. I rely on aromatherapy. It's been an amazing discovery.

Faten Los Angeles 


I just wanted to let you know how much your oils have helped me. They give me a boost of confidence every time I wear them. The “Higher Self” blend is my favorite right now. It's so important to me that I know a true apothecary has handled these medicinal blends. I am grateful for your good energy and the care and kindness you put into everything you do. I get compliments on the blends every time I wear them, not to mention that I feel they are actually working towards what they say they are for! Healing with smells. Thank you for offering high quality oils I can trust. Xoxo

Seana Carroll Los Angeles


I love creating custom blends for healing, its so wonderful to witness people finding quick relief in herbal reminds, where chemical treatments have failed.  For more information about custom blending please email me at